Friday, May 11, 2018


So for the last couple of weeks we've been learning Non Chronological Report I learnt that a non chronological report is something that tells you like about facts sometimes it can be fake and can be true. Here is my Non Chronological Report. Thank you. Rocket airs.  Blake Ross made the rocket airs.
The people who got chosen by The rocket air company to first trial there very new shoe were Hunter Liam and Blake ramsey
and Blake Ross.

The rocket airs are a perfect to fit old to young.

It is a unique shoe because It is made from a very very light metal and they make you fly

This is an important feature to this new brand of shoe because when you are crossing a river you can just fly across.

The shoe is made from very light metal and carbon fiber.

This is important so they do not split in half.

The shoes will be sold in shops for the price of $573

People will buy them because they make you fly in the sky.

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