Friday, May 18, 2018


This is my learning DLO about maths here is what we have been doing a ice cream Investigation
here is a of my  ice cream Investigation I hope you enjoy ps we had just double the number by two .

Friday, May 11, 2018


So for the last couple of weeks we've been learning Non Chronological Report I learnt that a non chronological report is something that tells you like about facts sometimes it can be fake and can be true. Here is my Non Chronological Report. Thank you. Rocket airs.  Blake Ross made the rocket airs.
The people who got chosen by The rocket air company to first trial there very new shoe were Hunter Liam and Blake ramsey
and Blake Ross.

The rocket airs are a perfect to fit old to young.

It is a unique shoe because It is made from a very very light metal and they make you fly

This is an important feature to this new brand of shoe because when you are crossing a river you can just fly across.

The shoe is made from very light metal and carbon fiber.

This is important so they do not split in half.

The shoes will be sold in shops for the price of $573

People will buy them because they make you fly in the sky.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

easter school day

This is my easter hat that not that cool It took like 30 minterts to make I liked the soft material the most.

This is my egg  thing her is a cool photo
of my egg thing

Monday, November 27, 2017


On thursday the 16th of november Rimu went to the A&P show and I met ling and zing at the A&P show the best bit was on the bubbles that went on water this is all the food that I got hot chips with tomato sauce and cotton candy and we got a big strip of liquorice and a bag of chips and jelly beans
and then we had a lollie scramble. And this is the task that we had to do there are some photos.


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The oceanmaker.

this is how we did it we wrote a plan about what we were going to write in our stories we had a brainstorm then we wrote our stories here is my story down below.            


Can you give me feedback please oh and here is the video for ocean maker.

The ocean maker video

One day the In the dried up ocean the was a boy he was determined to find a cloud and he almost got there but his plane run out of fuel the he crashed landed into the village next he got a new plane and he was looking for a cloud for days he was so tired that he was almost asleep then he fall asleep then he woke up by a big bang he new straight away it was the bombs again he quickly went to his bunker after a couple hours he came out he finally found a cloud he was so happy that he crashed into the rocks and died. THE END. ok this was a terrible ending but it was an ending.